Did trey songz dating brandon hines mail fuck love dating

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Will Smith and Trey Songz in Miami in August By Staff Will Smith and Trey Songz are allegedly gay lovers.

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I told him I’m straight and he said I need to be sure of that because this industry can make you do things you “wouldn’t normally do”.

He asked the same bizarre questions to my producer, which struck us both as weird, as this was just an example of the odd things he would ask of us.

His wife was NEVER home when I came over, but Brandon was always there, he even came downstairs in a towel the first time I was introduced to him.

Trey got the name "Trey Songz" from the beginning of his career because his nickname is "Trey" and on his mix-tape album it was labeled as "Trey Songs" so he decided to keep the name but change the last letter from a "S" to a "Z." Trey can be a name in itself.

I recorded a few records at Songbook studios, at Troy Taylors house in a small city in Texas, and observed Troy and his relationship with Trey and Brandon Hines.

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