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Fortuitous preservation has allowed researchers to collect textiles from the cave, two occupations of which are dated to the Pre-Clovis component.Stone artifacts from the earliest levels are made up of flakes, scrapers, and a tanged triangular-bladed projectile point.

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Among the artifacts recovered from the site was a wall fragment from a basket with simple plaited elements, dated to 12,800-11,300 RCYBP.

There is also a single element of intentionally cut birch-like bark which is similar to the later plaited objects, but direct-dated to 19,600 RCYBP.

Direct-dating of the bison was conducted using AMS techniques to approximately 13,700 calendar years ago (cal BP).

No stone tools were found, but the bone was excellently preserved, and evidence of a few cutmarks suggested to American archaeologist Stephen M.

Field school investigations at this site in 2007 identified a rock-lined hearth, human coprolites and a midden dated to between 12,750 and 14,290 calendar years before the present.

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