Dns forward lookup zone not updating server 2016

by  |  31-May-2019 18:17

dns forward lookup zone not updating server 2016-82

Keep in mind that this can be done without using the wizard without much trouble, but for the purposes of keeping the lesson simple the wizard options will suffice.

The configuration of the lookup zones is not all that confusing, and when using the wizards available it becomes even easier.

You must enable DNS dynamic updates and choose the option for "Always dynamically update DNS A and PTR records, and to Discard A and PTR records when the lease is deleted.

Image of the DNS tab Another issue that we found out is if the DNS zone (both) is set to Secure only.

If there are missing entries, you likely have your DHCP missing one of two settings: This is required if you have DHCP installed on a Domain Controller.

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