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Disregarding the good relationship he has with his famous father, Peter is very fond of his mother, Kathy Gerrity Doocy and his two sisters, Mary Doocy and Sally Doocy.

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Otherwise, he would forever live and be remembered as just a man who lived in his father’s shadow. Peter Doocy like his father, Steve Doocy, decided to pursue a career in journalism.

While Doocy Snr is famous as a television personality for Fox News, a successful author and in some quarters considered a veteran journalist, Doocy Jr is mainly reckoned for being his father’s son and then, as a general assignment reporter for Fox News Channel.

Nonetheless, the senator made the expression after he ridiculed Peter in front of the camera, qualifying the question he asked with words like “dumb” and “stupid”.

Well, it’s as though Peter knew he would be facing such kind of situations and totally prepared himself when he decided to settle for a career in journalism. One of the many things that happen to individuals the moment they become public figures is the craze for information about virtually everything about them.

Nevertheless, it has commonly been assumed that Doocy is straight and not sexually attracted to his own gender.

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