Dope smokers dating cafe pl dating

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Even heavy dope smoker would be unlikely to get through 20 joints a day every day for 50 years.So many people smoke dope outside now in crowded areas.

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But after years of ambiguous research, US scientists claim it is worse.

Regular smokers of cannabis can be more than 30 times as likely to get cancer of the neck, throat, mouth and larynx as those who have never inhaled. According to the research, quitting does not reduce the damage.

'It appears marijuana smoke is a stronger carcinogen than cigarette smoke. The report has far-reaching implications for the British Government, which last month announced the first official research into medical use of cannabis, and its effects of relieving pain in a wide range of conditions, including multiple sclerosis.

It's what I expected to see,' said Li Mao, professor of medicine at M. Scientists will have to learn to deliver any cannabis benefits without high cancer risk.

Among those who had used marijuana, the risk of head and neck cancer was 2.6 times greater than among those who never used it, even after adjusting for other risk factors such as alcohol and tobacco smoking.

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