Drake and alicia keys dating

by  |  27-Sep-2019 14:35

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On Monday, the intrigue deepened as the gadget blog Pocket-Lint spotted Keys apparently dallying with her ex once again. ” the Black Berry global creative director seemed to have tweeted from the i Phone’s Twitter app, quoting the rapper Drake.

The blog even had photographic evidence: a picture of Keys in her dressing room for the Grammys showed not one but two i Phones within arm’s reach.

For years, the speculated family drama eclipsed Keys career.

How did this talented power couple arrive at this new level of familial bliss?

JOE COSCARELLIIf the tensions at last year’s ceremony left the Grammys in knots, Alicia Keys was a CBD oil rubdown: a soothing, self-assured earth mother prepared to “Kumbaya” the show into a place of solidarity and affection. She had already logged oodles more screen time than any host in recent memory when she perched on a stool between two grand pianos and played one with each hand in a demonstration of technical badassery, then took a tour through songs she wished she had written (Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly,” Juice WRLD’s “Lucid Dreams,” Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody”), wrapping on her own Jay-Z collaboration “Empire State of Mind” like a humblebrag come to life.

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