Dreamweaver library items not updating

by  |  05-Sep-2019 02:02

Server technologies are usually for specific scripts like PHP, My SQL, Perl, etc.

Unless you know what these are and intend to use them on your site, you should avoid them and select No. Now you have 2 options for where you want to work on your web site: Select ‘Next’ to continue.

While developing PHP code for Drupal in Dreamweaver, if you notice your code uses tabs (and not spaces) then you can fix any chunk of code by selecting code or select all (CTRL A), then right click and choose "Selection;" then choose "Change tabs to spaces.", since you should plan to run your code through the Coder module then you will need to make sure that tabs were converted to spaces.

In the Preferences page, select "Code Coloring." Look for the "PHP" document type and then click the "Edit Coloring Scheme" button. Try changing the "PHP Script Bracket" to a high contrast color (such as dark green or dark blue), but not black. Drupal coding standards call for no PHP ending tag ("?

Barring knowledge of HTML and CSS, however, you will be limited in your ability to make your site very customized or very easy to maintain. Dreamweaver allows you to put all your web page files together for easy access and editing.

It will help you create a new folder in which all the files will be located and referenced from.

CS3 also offers tighter integration with Photoshop and better support of CSS.

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