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I didn't realize that the page would post back before my submit button handler was called. Update Textbox Text with a dropdownlist Does anyone know how to make a selection in a dropdown list and have it populate the text of a textbox with the values from the dropdownlist's dataset? The idea is to put each of the 3 different forms in this application of 3 different pages. Code: Protected Sub Drop Down List Res_Selected Index Changed(By... Text out of a formview control (label, textbox, dropdownlist) in How would I get the text or selectedvalue out of a from view control into the subject of an email? Script callback to update Text property of a Textbox by clicking on a Drop Down List item Hi, I have a Text Box and a Drop Down List. Automatically update text in a Text Box from another Textbox. As a user is entering text into a textbox (within a Form View), how can I make what they enter appear in another textbox in the same formview? I'm using VWD2005 and 2.0 and I know very little javascript. Try this as a starter Setting label text = textbox text on other form How can I set the text of a label on a user control equal to whatever the user types into a textbox on a file?

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This list is static and rarely changes so rather than loading these items from the database each time I load the items once and then cache the actual Select List Item[] array in a static property.

However, when we put the site online tonight we immediately noticed that the drop down list was coming up with pre-set values that randomly changed.

Didn't take me long to trace this back to the cached list of Select List Item[].

Clearly the list was getting updated - apparently through the model binding process in the selection postback.

Hi all, This seems like it should be a really simple problem, but I'm having no luck with searching (the web or the forums).

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