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Scroll down to discover the early dating mistakes than can end any chance you have of dating the person you have set your sights on. Both women and men have standards when it comes to dating.

Everyone has in their minds that perfect someone that they imagine building a permanent relationship with.

However, when you’re left waiting for Mr or Miss Right to come along, you can’t be blamed for sometimes starting to think the opposite sex is just far too picky.

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However, a big early dating mistake is to interrupt a Gemini. Particularly if you have a man or a woman who obviously believes they are the star in their own universe Personally, I steer clear of people like this because it signals that they may well be a narcissist.

NEVER interrupt a Gemini if they are recounting a story or something that has happened. This does not bode well for any future healthy relationship.

However, the other person will probably: a) get bored and b) feel like they should be charging you a therapy fee! People who chew very loudly drive them to distraction.

It is really important that you work through your issues about your Ex before you move on to dating someone new. Having an intolerance toward people who have different religions, are from different cultures or races, or have different sexual preferences is usually a massive turn-off for decent people. don’t pick your teeth If something tastes terrible, don’t make a show of spitting it out. Capricorn will be totally turned off if you speak with your mouth full!

It’s a major dating mistake to use someone you barely know as a sounding board about the lost loves in your life.

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