Elvis presley and nancy sinatra dating

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Skeffington, Miracle on 34th Street, Letter from an Unknown Woman and his favorite, The Way of All Flesh, the story of a self-sacrificing father.

Priscilla also describes several episodes involving Elvis' explosive temper and his jealous nature; including the time he went into a rage and threatened to fire a male employee (Memphis Mafia member Jerry Schilling), who supposedly acted too "friendly" with Priscilla.

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Elvis and Me is a 1985 biography written by Priscilla Presley (with ghostwriter Sandra Harmon).

In the book, Priscilla talks about meeting Elvis Presley, their marriage, and the factors and issues that led to the couple's divorce.

However, according to Elvis's own words, he did not make love to Anita Wood the whole four years he was with her. It was difficult for her too, but that's just how I feel." Presley admitted he had a number of affairs with some of the women who co-starred in his films, but all the relationships were before he met Priscilla and "meant nothing." Nevertheless, she understood these affairs were going on while he was professing love to Anita Wood.

In a televised interview on January 14, 2005, with Larry King on CNN's Larry King Live, Anita Wood said that following media reports of a girlfriend in Germany, Elvis "had me believing that she (Priscilla) was just a friend and her daddy was in the Army with him, and there was nothing to it whatsoever." Priscilla also writes of other times she became suspicious of Elvis' faithfulness.

He then began taking Dexedrine in order to wake up.

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