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by  |  26-Sep-2019 18:21

I don't want to say anything specific because Idk if they reddit.So say i made a joke about Khia's song and mispoke the lyrics "my neck, my back, suck my pussy and my crack" they'd get a hard on correcting me and giving me a dissertation about how its lick, not suck.I've historically dated goofy/class clown type men so dating the opposite is challenging.

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What really bothers, me however, is the few I've gone out with are a wet blanket when it comes to joking around and having a good time.

They're honest and straightforward, so they have no hesitation in telling me if something sucks (example: restaurant food/atmosphere sucks even tho i was enjoying it) or ruining a joke.

I feel that this interruption comes at the expensive of the conversation and rapport because it derails it with a 3 minute lecture. I don't have an issue with being correct and being wrong. I dont mind telling someone I don't know something either.

The difference is, I value building rapport and camaraderie over being factually correct especially on a 1st date.

I really think they mean no harm and thats just their personality.

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