Error validating the uitest xml

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The problem with on-line validation is that it will quickly get frustrating if you are doing a lot of validating and need a quick turn-around time. For Mac and Linux users, you likely already have xmllint installed, which can do validation.

There may also be privacy or file size reasons which mean you can’t use an on-line validator. At a terminal type: flag or the XML file will be printed to standard out along with the validation results.

For this reason you may want to double check with another validator (I find xmllint’s error messages and ease of use make it very useful when rapidly iterating during development of XML/XSD files). It exists in both C and Java versions (I believe a customised version of Xerces is bundled in the Sun JDK).

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Judging by the popularity of this question on Stack Overflow (and my answer), it seems that a lot of people struggle to check the validity of an XML file against an XML Schema.

It’s a shame that what should be a trivial task has wasted hours of developer’s lives.

And don't you get a line number and line position where the error occurs?

Message) End Select End Sub Public Function Valida XML(By Val arg Doc As Xml Document, By Val arg Namespace As String, By Val arg XSDFile As String) As String Valida XML = "" Try Dim settings As Xml Reader Settings = New Xml Reader Settings() settings. Message End Try End Function Does the error message not tell you exactly which character that is?

The XML view [X_its_Extended Status8] is projected but it is not reachable from a root view....

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