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(By the way, if you want to learn more about solutions, please have a look at our CRM Book: But as wonderfully advanced as the CRM solutions concept is, it also has the potential to cause some serious headaches – failed imports, error messages, etc. With that in mind, in today’s blog, we will try to ease those headaches by providing you a what-to-do guide for when things don’t go so smoothly.We hope this helps ensure that you will always be able to successfully import your solution into an environment.All Tablix Member elements in a Tablix Column Hierarchy must have the Repeat On New Page property set to false.

So, as far as Managed Solution components go, always remember that they cannot be exported via an Unmanaged Solution.

And to export from one CRM org or environment into another, we always recommend that the same Managed Solutions that exist in your source also exist in your target.

If you had separate development and production environments and you wanted to move your customizations, you simply clicked Export Customizations and voila! The next great solutions advancement came with CRM 2016: we can now select specific components within each individual entity – so instead of moving the entire contact entity, for example, we have the option of moving only a certain view or field within the entity.

And we can do this without having to hack the xml in the zip file.

Hi, From your information, I notice that you have solved the issue, below is your solution: Resolved: Need to set "" on Row Group, not Column.

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