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by  |  18-Sep-2019 04:29

Everyone is different, and of course that applies to dating, too — especially when you take your personality type into account.

Ahead, find out how your Myers-Briggs personality type correlates to your dating style.

ENFP: You chase anyone who’s a little bit of a human puzzle.

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You can’t see having a relationship that isn’t meaningful.

You’re looking for a relationship with someone who sees and accepts all of you, as you are.

You meet tons of people and have fun, but you don’t settle into a relationship until you see endless possibility in a single person.

Whenever that happens, when you want to spend all day unpacking how that person ticks, you’ll gladly dive in head first without looking back. You’re reserved by nature, and love the simple things in life — but deep down, you want to find someone who thinks you’re worthy of epic love.

You’re prepared to do that for someone, and grow a real bond — and you want to know your significant other is going to do the same for you.

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