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(Linnaeus 1758) called Black-and-white worm lizard or Speckled worm lizard, belongs to the family of the Amphisbaenidae.

The forked tongue is used, as in the snakes, for collecting the odorous molecules from the environment and transferring them to the olfactory epithelium of the vomeronasal organ. At the base of the tail opens the cloaca, that is the common outlet for the bowel and for the urinary and genital tracts.

Before the cloaca stand the 6-10 pores of the precloacal (or preanal glands) that produce a secretion involved in the odorous signalling.

Often, it raids the nest of the ants and nourishes of these insects and of their larvae. If attacked, displays a very particular defensive behavior.

When in danger raises vertically the head as well as the tail and shakes the tail, moving ahead and back confusing and scaring the antagonist.

Since the skin is loosely anchored to the underlying layers its specialized tegument forms a tube that the animal can move in both directions. During the excavation activity it catches and eats the worms and the arthropods of which it mainly nourishes.

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