Expat dating hcmc

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On the other hand, expats will find a great many modern apartment complexes in Vietnam’s bustling cities and as a result, there are more luxury accommodation options available to them.These condominiums and apartments come equipped with a range of facilities such as gyms, laundries and swimming pools. As a rule of thumb, housing closer to the city centre comes at a premium and housing in outlying suburbs is more affordable.There are plenty of cost-effective ways to get around Vietnam.

Many expats manage to enjoy a good life in Vietnam without spending a fortune.

The largest dents in an expat's monthly budget will be in the areas of housing, schooling and Western foodstuffs. Like most countries, Vietnam has its fair share of temptations for an expat's wallet.

Major industries include finance, technology, construction and tourism.

The city also hosts a growing number of universities, including international and English language institutions.

Being in Asia, there are lots of electronic gadgets that expats can spend their hard-earned salary on.

Expat dating hcmc

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