Familitchi dating

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You can also effectively pause your tamagotchi by leaving it in the Set Time mode (Push button B, then button A and C together. However if you set the clock for your Tamagotchis to go to sleep and then set it back to the correct time she will wake up and you will get 3 more tries. To see which parent your character will evolve into, please view this chart: V5 Familtchi Adult Growth Chart There is a simple formula to follow to get a pure family.

First, raise one of the required adults, Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi or Violetchi.

so go into the shop prepared , because if you leave to go make points , when you come back , it might not be there! and you can only get 100 points in the games , which makes it challenging.

The mametchi needs to mary a Chantochi , the memetchi needs to mary a mumutchi , the kuchipatchi needs to marry a yonepatchi , and the violetchi needs to marry a Sukatchi. Once that is done correctly , they will evolve into parent and produce 2 eggs .

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