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"Everything Moves Towards The Sun" is tremendously sad in its longing ("I wish you always could have been here") and closer "Teardrops" is emotionally crushing and an apt end to a collection of songs so plagued by sadness and wistful gazes.Scott Walker-esque strings swoop in abundance throughout the album, proving genuinely stirring and adding warmth amidst a vast array of instrumentation- Brass, harps, organs, flutes- that is key to the charm of .

(The ethereal organ that fills the disc was also the result of one of Zeffira's fibs.

She saw a church that needed an organist and figured, "Piano/organ, it's all the same." The first time they heard her, they said: "You've never played the organ before in your life, have you?

Given their almost lofty appearance and Badwan's flirtations with genre-hopping, it would almost be understandable for an uninitiated listener to pre-suppose that style may take precedent over substance with Cat's Eyes but that would be foolish; Though they may seem to be wilfully living in the shadow of a past era, this is no mere tribute act and is a project imbued with real heart and passion.

At first listen, this record may seem detached but its shell cracks easily with time and what's beneath proves the title to be a fitting one.

And that knack for deft dishonesty actually guided her through a number of unusually sharp career left turns, allowing Zeffira to carve her unlikely niche in the crowded British pop scene.

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