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You don’t have to dig into the underlying cause of that worry just yet.

Instead, acknowledge the fact that you might be overthinking the subject.

They will be able to give us wisdom based on experience. However, when we stop thinking about ourselves, and when we direct our attention to another, we feel better. ” Are your fingernails bitten down to little nubs because you’re constantly thinking about the general “what ifs” of life? Does it keep you from getting close to someone in a new relationship? But when you let overthinking take over your life, it can eventually turn into anxiety.

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They will also help us to make a specific plan of action to work our way out of discouragement. Once we are done we will have a great plan of action. Work will break the chains of discouragement better than anything. Go find someone who needs help, and then help them. When we serve others, when we go out of our way to help other people in need, we feel better. Of course, it takes practice and time to stop overthinking after years of making it a habit.

A mind map is a simple and empowering exercise that can help trigger our creativity and also pull us out of discouragement. In the middle write out what it is that we want (our goal). Use arrows originating from our goal and pointing to the various actions that we could take. It is impossible to be discouraged when we are giving all our efforts on behalf of another. By utilizing some of the tips listed here, you can start to find some peace and freedom from the things that plague your thoughts each day. It’s hard for us, as human beings, to admit we’ve got a problem — big or small.

This could include writing in a journal, doing twenty pushups, reading an article, or calling up your best friend.

Whatever you can do to get yourself out of that moment of worry, take action and do it.

If we don’t get the result that we want, when we want it, we just need to take new action. If we are feeling discouraged, think about our vision. A sure fire, 100% guaranteed way to get discouraged is to focus on other people in a comparative way. When we do this we get discouraged and we feel sorry for ourselves. Fresh air and sunshine can have an amazing effect on our feelings.

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