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Her greatest blessings in life are her family because even when she had nothing at all, they still made her rich beyond belief.

She enjoys karaoke, spinach and mushroom pizza, and alcoholic beverages.

Men like this type of independence in a lady which makes him want to flirt back with her. to put things simply, if she’s confident, independent, smart, funny, and a rebel–of course she’s creative! Isis Nezbeth is a fresh, free-spirited freelance writer, blogger, and author.

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Her end goal is to write enough to make at least three people change their life, to make a thousand people smile, and to some day afford a city view with the luxury of keeping her brandy in a decanter on the mantel.

They switch from stealing and punching to jokes and insults as a means of flirtation. Sarcasm can be even more deadly in an ongoing relationship. And no one wants a card that says, “” When used too often, sarcasm in relationships can give the impression that you’re not taking her seriously.

It takes a lot of balls, figuratively speaking, to be sarcastic.

Most people do not take too kindly to sarcastic remarks.

We are told that sarcasm is rude and are encouraged to refrain from using it, but a sarcastic woman cares not.

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