funny questions to ask for speed dating - Fonts not validating

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Rather than changing them right now, open Font Book, Preferences..., and change "Default install location" to "Computer". If this works, there are permission issues with your ~/ structure somewhere inside.If it doesn't work, the most likely thing is indeed a corrupt font file..3/24/14 .458 quicklookd[1258]: Warning: Cache image returned by the server has size range covering all valid image sizes.

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But another way would be to select the text, copy and paste into Word, and you should be able to determine the front in Word if it copies the formatting like it did for me.

Rowan's answer is fine, and if you really need to narrow it down to a small portion of a complex document, try to re-print a subset to another PDF (there are excellent free PDF printers, if you don't have one), and check the font properties of the resulting file.

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Add Fonts..., navigate to a font file and click Open, the validating and installing windows will flash by, but the font will not appear in the list of All Fonts.

Shows up in /Library/Fonts, but not in anything else.😟 I'd reckon.

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