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by  |  22-Sep-2019 18:40

My Make It Happen This Year program—made up of Finding the One and Dating Camps—clears the inner space for love to thrive and also teaches singles how to date in a new and inspired way that attracts just the right people.

The method isn’t some gimmicky formula or a made-up set of rules, but rather it respects the complexity of each person’s life and is easily adaptable to that person’s specific needs, values, and goals.

My motto is that to find the one you need to be the one.

​ entering the dating landscape, I have learned many things. Let’s not break bread until I know that I like you.

Chief among them: Before you can think about donning sweatpants in tandem, you have to trudge through a whole lot of awkward. Dinner is awkward — anything that involves chewing ​in the proximity of​ a​n unfamiliar human​ is probably best avoided.

I just became smarter intellectually about my issues.

And then I bottomed out after all of those wrong relationships and dating.

No one interrupted to ask how everything was going or if we’d like to see the dessert menu.

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