azdg dating in ukraine - Formview not updating sqldatasource

by  |  01-Apr-2019 13:55

I am using radajaxmanager, I have a hidden formview and a radlisteview.

I an trying to use the formview to insert records ( also edit in the future if I can get this to work) , then hide the formview and refresh/rebind the listview without a page refresh.

I may suggest that you handle the Rad Window "On Client Close" event and fire the AJAX request there.

Using fo Data Source ID property is recommended way because it enables easier paging and updating.

When Data Source ID property is used, Form View control supports two way data binding, so in addition to showing the data, control will automatically support edit, insert and delete operations. Category Name FROM Products INNER JOIN Categories ON Products.

This example shows typical situation where form includes Category field related to other table: ="SELECT Products.

Using a Form View with a Sql Data Source, I'm attempting to Update data by calling a stored proc in code behind.

If you place Form View control to web form you'll see that it not appears very user friendly at first look.

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