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A history of film, from its early beginnings in the 19'h century to the Hol lywood blockbusters of today. But at the same time these new values are also being questioned. Both my sister and I have follo wed them into the medical profession and now I'm wo rking as a doctor at the Mount Sinai hospital in Queens. 4 Find the ticked expression that matches sentences 1-6. And so it was that the' fairy tales lived happily ever after. The state oil company, Petroecuador, opposes the scheme and many suspect that President Correa now wishes he had never supported it.

A special aquarium that gives its student teachers lessons in life. ~ Unit 9 Queen of Egypt The history of the most famous Egyptian queen - Cleopatra. ' .,, Unit 6 East Timor Unit 8 Mount Fuji • ·~ ,1,~ Find out what Mount Fuji means to the Japanese. Have our lives been made richer by all our new possessions? As in all changing societies people are trying to find the right balance between the 'new' and 'old'. I don't know if that kind of dedication is genetic or just something that you learn from your parents, but that desire to get ahead ... The great thing about America is that it gives you the opportunity to live those dreams too. FAMILY INFLUENCES MEETING PEOPLE YOU KNOW 15 real life meeting people you know • pronunciation expressive intonation 1d A face from the past 5 Pronunciation expressive intonation Real life meeting people you know a 'i 1.5 Emotion (surprise, excitement, etc.) is often conveyed by expressive or exaggerated intonation. E 1 2 3 4 5 6 2 4' 1.4 Listen to a conversation between two people, Tim and Greta, who meet by accident in the street. 1 how Greta expresses her surprise at meeting Tim 2 how Greta asks Tim for his news 3 what Tim says about Greta's appearance 4 how Greta describes her business 5 what Greta says about Amanda, their other friend 6 how Greta says she can't carry on the conversation b Hello. Long before the Grimms' time, storytelling thrived in inns, barns and the h omes of peasant women. At the same time only a few countries have shown interest, with only Germany promising $800 million over thi rteen years.

3 Olivia and I went on a trip to Peru together ten years ago and we've kept up w ith each other ever since. 10 Jessica and I are going to go for a medieval-style wedding. d The passive is often used because we want to start a sentence w ith something that has already been mentioned. Bella lives with her parents in a brand new apartment in Shanghai. This is the story that my grandmother has passed down to us, to my parents and all my aunts and uncles. Alth ough the brothers in1plied that they were just keepil1g records of tales, Will1elm continued to polish and reshape the stories up to the final edition of 1857. But if Ecuador is not rich by economic standards, in terms of biodiversity, it is one of the richest places on Earth. It is believed that tickets for the championships will be available next week. • w ith certain countries, p lace names, geographical regions, oceans and seas, deserts, mountain ran ges and rivers, fo r examp le: the USA, the UK, the ether/ands, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, the Eiffel Tower, the White House, the Middle East, the Antarctic, the Pacific, the Mediterranean , the Kalahari Desert, the Alps, the Himalayas, the Amazon, the Nile. • before certain familiar places (work, home, hospital, university, school, etc.

1 We're not close friends - we're just studying French at the same evening class. 2 I live with Sarah, but each of us has our own group of friends that we hang out with. for a while; we just seem to pick up where we left off. c The agent is often unimportant or unknow n - it is the action that interests us. Tomas got in touch and they had an emotional reunion in New York, where Tomas subsequently settled. - retold stories to her that th ey themselves had read in a collection written by Charles Perrault in 1697, Tales of My Mother Goose. For a relatively poor country whose main income is from oil exports, this proposal seemed like madness. It is said that people consume on average 50 times more sugar than ten years ago.

Speaking 8 Look at these phrases from the passage describin g fa mily characteristics or traits and discuss what they mean. How much time do you spend with fa mily: out of a sense of du ty? Is family a consideration for you in choosing where to live? However, they are also proud and curious about their ancestral roots. The stories and their characters continue to feature in virtually eve1y media: theatre, opera, comic books, movies, paintings, rock music, advertising, fashion. 4 Writing skill using descriptive words a Look at the highlighted expressions in the story. • Have they used the different past tenses correctly? - Unit 2 Storytell ing Before you watch 1 Work in groups. 1 What d o you think the man in the photo is doing? 3 Why do you think the photo is made up of several images? 2 Name four events that the video shows being covered by ea rly newsmen. 3 You wasted a lot of water in the past because you washed your car by hand instead of using a car wash. 7 The United States has a shortage of w ater because they have tried to cultivate areas w ith a desert climate. For a present report of a future event, we use will infinitive in the that-clause. It was claimed tha t the break-in happened that morning. otice that there are exceptions, fo r example: time expressions: in the sixties, at the weekend, in the summer, in the l 811i century.

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