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On touching down the ground staff were great and had already organised new flights for us to Calgary as by the time we got through the melee developing at Immigration with all the delayed flights arriving, they had anticipated we would miss our flight and domestic flights had resumed.So we arrived into Calgary late, to experience our first winter BBQ – well the meal was inside at the table, but Brian went out and BBQ’d the steak on the covered patio.When my wife is over there my daughter’s friends are always asking with wonder: “did you make that from scratch” – so my daughter asked around for recipes to cook the Turkey and settled on a recipe that involved basting the Turkey with mayonnaise.

Don’t look now, but someone has again claimed to solve one of the greatest mysteries of World War II, the location of the stolen amber from Tsarskoye Selo.

According to "historian turned journalist and lecturer" Sergei Trifonov, the amber is in Kaliningrad.“Believe me or not, it’s there, 12m down in the sub-soil,” he said, pointing to the entrance of a bunker that sheltered the Nazi high command in the last hours of the Battle of Koenigsberg.

As we were flying straight on to Calgary to catch up with an old boss of mine for a couple of days before we flew on to Edmonton, I optimistically asked if we went to Calgary could we get off there and I was curtly told, no, we would have return to Vancouver for immigration clearance.

So I got prepared to miss our flight to Calgary, even though we may go to Calgary – sounds stupid and illogical, but that’s the way the rules work.

“This place was built [in February 1945] with two aims: accommodating the headquarters of General Otto Lasch and storing the treasures of Koenigsberg, a city under siege.” Others are not convinced.“He’s a good storyteller who can’t prove anything,” said Vladimir Kulakov at Russia’s Institute of Archaeology.

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