Free two way webcamming

by  |  17-Sep-2019 12:57

That means that, if you charge, you’ll be automatically wiping away large numbers of potential future regulars!

I know it can be a pain to take free PMs since most of these premiums will never tip you, but it is DEFINITELY worth it for those who eventually WILL!

It’s about getting them to like you as a person, and building some trust with them before they start tipping.

When you chat in private, it’s a different experience for both model and member. It actually helps you to form a bond with premiums that you can’t really accomplish in free chat, and it can later lead to big tips and shows as your relationships with these premiums improve.

Charging even a microscopic amount for PM privileges will turnoff MOST members from trying to message you.

To make the big money, you need to keep at it, learn, changeup your game, and get better!

More than anything, you need to buildup some regulars, which only comes with a bit of time.

If new models only knew how much they could eventually make if they stuck with it and applied some simple methods, they’d be REALLY not thinking about throwing in the towel!

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