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As the evening wore on her dancing had become more flamboyant.

She did a lot of twirling her short skirt out to show off her thong briefs.

She hadn’t bothered with stockings as it was quite warm there.

Seeing their black hands on her luscious white tits was too delicious to describe. ’The guy at her head had his arms under hers and his big black hands clamped firmly on her tits. ’ I knew where the First Aid Centre was so I rushed over there quickly so I could find somewhere to hide and hopefully watch the action, watch Beth getting fucked.

‘Take her to the First Aid centre.’ As the two guards lifted her up, the first guard slid his hand inside Beth’s thong. I was really turned on watching these men use Beth and knew if they took her somewhere private, that they would soon be fucking her. I waited at the centre for over 30 minutes and there was no sign of them, it was obvious they must have gone elsewhere, probably the Security Office.

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