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Catalogue is the crucial fact in general exhibition analysis.

This choice isn’t random as it actually presents the mould of the exhibition, its existence proof. UFI regulations confirm: “Organizer should provide the participants with every service they can need, including informational service for exponents and international visitors.

Application documentation, advertising materials and catalogue should be published both in state and foreign language (French, English and German)” (Internal Rules of UFI», sections

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To work out exhibition catalogue standards and develop its quality, “Udacha-Business” editorial staff has instigated the catalogue contest within “Exhibition business” exhibition which was held in May 1999.

The results proved that exhibition catalogues happen to be means of exponent’s self-expression but don’t satisfy any informational objectives.

The better part of this information goes out of date being still unpublished.

That’s why the approach to informative catalogue part should be extremely serious.

There are no definite circulation regulations; catalogues’ number depends on participants and potential visitors’ number.

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