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Understand exactly what needs you're trying to meet.Figure out if you want the focus to be meeting spiritual needs, emotional needs, or social needs and make that the emphasis.

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Choose leaders according to biblical principles: leaders with good character, who fear God, are mature, and truly look at the time spent on the group as a ministry and an honor.

Once you have them, keep them in the Word and protect them from getting over-extended. Some groups even have a policy of limiting the number of years anyone can be in leadership to avoid burnout.3) Watch for "sharks." One or two people can affect the entire fabric of the group—either positively or negatively.

It's also important every member knows they make up the ministry and are important to its success. Don't allow the 80/20 rule (80 percent of the work is done by 20 percent of the people), which occurs in most church ministries. Keep the church staff aware of the singles ministry happenings so they're in the know and are equipped to answer inquiries about the singles ministry. Don't use someone who is weak in graphic arts to do your flyers and program—that's what others will judge your organization on.8. God called me to step down from leadership after the first year. You can't thank the volunteers and leadership team enough! Allow God to tell you when to step away from a leadership role.— Meg In 2003, several people in my Divorce Care class talked about having a movie night so we could hang out socially.

So, upon meeting new members, I ask them to write down their interests, desires, and needs. Bring in married teachers to lead Bible or book studies. Get involved in other areas of the church and encourage other singles to do the same. You will flounder and make mistakes, but it's the journey that matters. Soon we started organizing monthly movie nights at the church, which we advertised in the church's weekly newsletter.

Decide what you want your group's primary focus to be.

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