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Hyunyoung wanted to become a big star couple with Nichkhun like Jang Donggun and Go Soyoung, revealing stories like Nichkhun giving her a sandwich in a waiting room. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits. COM (TRANS) Super Junior Kim Hee Chul has been chosen to be the fixed member of SBS Family Outing Season 2.

The other pure love girls also showed their unending interest in Nichkhun. Kim Hee Chul has been invited in the past by SNSD Yoon A to make guest appearance on the show, and it seems that his ability to lighten up the atmosphere during the filming with his sense of variety has very influenced the production team’s decision to add him to the team.

Yoon A VS Ga In A new version of Big Bang hit song ‘Lies’?

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And Taec Yeon and Yoon A who had received great attention from the Family members from last week’s episode, continues to show off their love-line on the show with Taec Yeon saying to Yoon A, “To me, you are the best bamboo shoot.” And during the balloon-bursting match between Kim Hee Chul and Yoon A, Yoon A had decided to take revenge on Hee Chul for calling her a grandmother from the previous episode.

She told Kim Hee Chul in confrontation, “If you make fun of me one more time, you are dead.” With that, the 2 got into a rough match to burst each other’s balloon tied to their back.

While Park Hyuk Kwon is the type of person who clearly separates his work and private life, only talking about his work on variety program interviews, it has been reported that he naturally talked about his relationship with Cho Soo Hyang with his acquaintances.

Park Hyuk Kwon and Cho Soo Hyang are in a relationship.

2AM’s Jo Kwon replied, “I think it’d be fun dating Kim Nayoung for her bright personality” Omitted other artists.

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