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Contact is interested in creating a mailing list of others using this platform.

Updated: Contact: Description: Port of Tcl/Tk v8.3.3 to Alpha running Windows NT 4.0.

Can email a merchant when a threshold of transactions have been made or supports a merchant stopping by to check sales. One of the features is a "Ghost Script to Tk canvas" option that is a part of the pstoedit utility.

Updated: 05/2000 Contact: Description: Tcl/Tk based ICQ client, support for ICQ 2000/Oscar protocol, and ability to use Licq config files and user database. Updated: 07/2002 Contact: See web site What: Alpha NT port of Tcl/Tk (Graham) Where: From the contact Description: Port of Tcl/Tk and attempts at porting Tix to an Alpha, using Visual C (VC ).

Targeted at small to medium sized businesses and charities who want to accept credit card payments over the web, as well as to conduct e Commerce.

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