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by  |  03-May-2019 22:28

Because discussions regarding implementation is ongoing, it’s unknown at present what to expect.

It could be similar to Xbox Live integration with Minecraft’s “Better Together” update which supports not only achievements and gamerscore, and but cross-platform play capabilities.

Affected users should log out and back in to restore their scores.

I’ve contacted Microsoft for comment, and hopefully we’ll know more soon.

For now, however, it’s probably best to stay off Xbox Live.

The latter allows developers to launch and scale up multiplayer games by dynamically hosting servers with Azure cloud compute.

UPDATE: Microsoft has issued a statement on this morning's shenanigans, and claims everything should be fixed in a few hours."We are aware that some Xbox LIVE members are having problems with their Gamerscores.

The software maker is also redesigning its Xbox Avatars, to make them a lot more customizable and diverse.

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