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For most, if not all thespians, playing a gay role and nailing it suggests homosexuality in the public eye.

Jake Gyllenhaal has played more than one of those roles and had his fair share of speculations.

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In 2005, he played a gay role in is another pointer that could fuel the gay rumors plaguing the actor.

In the 2019 project, Jake portrays Morf Vandewalt, a gay art dealer and his steamy sex scene has done more harm than good to the rumors making the rounds about his sexual orientation.

Then, there’s that dramatic relationship with Taylor Swift.

We explore the fascinating facts about the personal life of Jake Gyllenhaal and every other detail you might find intriguing.

They even spent 2010 Thanksgiving with Jake and his sister Maggie‘s family and were often seen having fun dates and holding hands in public but this wasn’t enough to convince Jake that Swift is a keeper.

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