Geek dating flow chart

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pants, and the plaid shirts, the big 'fro, kind of was... Now the goal became "let's get to the first date," and then you get down to the key, which is "I might be interested in them. " "Worm-loving" did not appear on his flow chart, but they clicked.

So I was ostracized violently from the African American community in high school and didn't quite fit into the Honors community, because they were all white. The goal of dating is to get married at some point in time. So his life now includes Dara and the worms, and the ants, the job, the classes, the robots, and he keeps constantly adjusting his system so he can keep doing it all.

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So high school was very painful, socially, a very unpleasant time. What are the odds of me finding a woman that I want to spend a lot of time with? ABC News Video Source CNN Image Source Corbis Corporation The Image Bank by Getty Images NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Prairie Pictures/Stormstock SSEC, University of Wisconsin-Madison TRAC/CALLAIS COMMUNICATIONS/WLAE TV World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

LONI and the Center for Computational Biology in collaboration with the National Institutes of Mental Health. Toga, Animators: Ken Nakada, Tomokatsu Shoji, Hideo Kumagai, Amanda Hammond, Kim Hager, Andrew Lee & John Bacheller Ahmanson Lovelace Brain Mapping Center Blondies Sports Bar on the East Side NYC David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Ross Hoffman Alfred Naomi National Primate Research Center at University of Wisconsin Oregon Primate Research Center Harlan Reiniger Resonance Technology Naomi Surgi Walter Williams Adam Zoghlin NOVA science NOW is a trademark of the WGBH Educational Foundation This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

(This video is no longer available for streaming.) James Mc Lurkin is an award-winning robotics engineer who gets inspiration from an unlikely source: his ant farm. He teaches high school students, he's got the girlfriend. Or he thinks that—I don't know what it is—he knows better. He calculated that he needed exactly six weeks of clothing and then on one big laundry night, he cleans everything. There are always system adjustments, for example: his robots.

Each ant is a simple creature with simple rules governing its behavior, yet the colony as a whole performs complex tasks—a lesson Mc Lurkin has adapted to develop a swarm of disposable robots for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. PBS air date: January 25, 2005 Now I want you to meet somebody who is...well, he is what he is. His work's been exhibited at the Smithsonian, and that's just for starters. But the schedule, the schedule's going to work. And before you know it, you know, you're two hours off. So, in this case, he's given 24 robots a simple set of rules in computer code.

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