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The goal of this study was to identify which interventions have been implemented across Canada through an online survey of school district Superintendents/Directors. The partnership’s delivery model was not only unique in its scope and breadth of service but also in the degree of integration between non traditional partners, respectively a hospital, a homeless shelter, a mental health housing organization and a housing corporation. We found that childhood sexual abuse is strongly correlated with substance use and substance use-related sexual behaviours in adolescents.

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In addition, our Canadian Trans Youth Health Survey finds trans and non-binary youth report even higher rates of dating violence. This study was conducted in partnership with the Manitoba Association of School Superintendents and funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Elizabeth Saewyc Co-Investigators: Dean Nicholson Funded by the Interior Health Authority and CIHR, 2011 – 2012 Since 1992, the BC Adolescent Health Survey has been conducted every 5 years in school districts across BC. Laura Mac Kaym, Jayson Anderson, Jennifer Matthews, Quinn Metcalfe, Semee Joo, Stephanie Callaghan, Rob Rivers, Bea Miller, and Carla Hilario Funded by CIHR-PHAC Research Chair (Applied Public Health Research) under the grant “Building Capacity for Population-Level Monitoring & Interventions for Healthy Youth”, 2008-2013 Most stigma measures are for a single characteristic, such as mental illness, or HIV/AIDS.

Adolescence is a key time to provide young people with the knowledge and skills to develop healthy relationships that are free from violence and abuse. Sheila Marshall, Warren O’Briain, Ciro Panessa, Dr. The surveys have included a number of scales related to family and school connectedness, peer attitudes, school safety, and emotional health. This approach does not allow us to capture “layered” stigma (i.e., the compound effects of stigma from multiple stigmatized characteristics).

At the PHN (public health nursing) team’s request, Dr.

Nursing interventions were grounded in the PHN Wheel of Interventions.

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