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Finally, be clear about any sponsored content or advertising that might be present in the conversation. He is a regular speaker about conversational analytics and UI, chatbots, and early-stage fundraising.If the chatbot redirects the user to a website outside of the brand ecosystem, let them know ahead of time. The chatbot, tested recently in Seattle, Atlanta, and Washington, lurks behind fake online ads for sex posted by nonprofits working to combat human trafficking, and responds to text messages sent to the number listed.

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If you do want the user to have full freedom in their response, you could still opt to provide (optional) response buttons.

It’s also worth noting that children might try saying naughty or abusive commands to a chatbot out of maliciousness or curiosity.

By exercising control over the forks in conversation paths, you can do without this issue. Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse guides children though a wacky adventure in the Mickey Mouse Adventure voice app.

Here’s how it works: Mickey immediately establishes a problem (how will he make it to his magic show on time?

Related: The ultimate guide to chatbots We at Botanalytics, an AI-powered conversational analytics tool for chatbots, examined 250 chatbots designed for children and came up with the best practices for creating bots for a child audience.

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