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Your grad student has thirty hours of lab work scheduled this week and is going to have to bail on the reservations you made for your one-month anniversary dinner.

The undergrad is more likely to blow off studying for midterms when a kegger rolls around, but the grad student will be much more weary of jeopardizing his scholarly reputation.

If you are patient, you can build a lasting relationship with a grad-school student.

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In fact I think the rate of grad students becoming un-single is much faster than undergrad.

Dating a graduate-school student can be intellectually stimulating, but it requires patience. When they aren't in class, these students often study or work on research, leaving little time for dating.

Here are some of the pros and cons of hooking up with guys gearing up for a Bachelors, and dudes who are striving for a Masters or Ph D. They probably won’t be engaging in syrup-chugging contests when they have a research project on the horizon. If you’re trying to make the most of your own undergraduate career, your grad student beau might not be as excited as you are the first time your new fake ID works at the bar and you chug 50-cent Natty Ices for four hours straight.

Grad students might be attractive if the undergrad who’s crushing on you still hasn’t quite grasped the concept of doing his own laundry. Your undergrad guy is taking Racquetball to fulfill his gen eds.

Undergrad Boy hangs out with the kids on his floor.

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