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The filming of the show continued even after Bonaduce attempted suicide.

Despite his dark moods, Bonaduce seems to be a survivor and continues to bounce back after each setback.

His gravelly voice, sense of humor, and frank style of talking led to a series of disc jockey jobs, beginning in Philadelphia.

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The producers called it a suicide attempt when, in Episode 5, Gretchen and Danny closed the bathroom door to be off-camera and she told him she wanted a divorce. Every time he reached the bottom, Railsback punched him as hard as she could in the stomach.

He smashed a disposable razor and slashed his wrist, and blood gushed. Bonaduce met Railsback, a 26-year-old former math teacher, in L.

In January 2007, Bonaduce returned to radio, joining the crew of The Adam Carolla Show on Los Angeles’ KLSX-FM.

Gretchen Hillmer and Bonaduce divorced on April 9, 2007, citing irreconcilable differences.

He was arrested several times for assault and drug possession, including a 1991 arrest for assaulting a transvestite in Phoenix.

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