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Fantasy defense succeeds in Queensland Had it not been for his two earlier cases, Ritter's defense might not have been all that far-fetched.

After all, it worked for Darryl Plumridge of Queensland, Australia back in 2007.

(PDF), a case that was in many ways identical to the 1952 barroom graffiti incident.

The decision itself was written by a judge with a flair for the literary and the dramatic; it makes a great read. "This case stems from a dangerous, cruel, and highly indecent use of the Internet for the apparent purpose of revenge." Back in 2004, Cecilia Barnes broke up with her boyfriend. Soon after the breakup, he created numerous fake Yahoo profiles for Barnes, then entered Yahoo chat rooms posing as Barnes and told men that he met there to check out the fake profiles. ) The fake profiles contained "some kind of open sexual solicitation," and anonymous men soon began "peppering [Barnes'] office with e-mails, phone calls, and personal visits, all in the expectation of sex." Definitely not cool.

Given the flat nature of internet communication, lacking in physical or tonal cues, can people actually deduce the true age and gender of someone who is pretending to be someone else? Deceivers were instructed to play the role of a 13-year-old girl.

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