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And den, to welax you, or you know, give you a beauty treatment, I'll take you down to the Wu spa.

And den, I take you upstate, to the amusement park, Wu-tang amusement parks. Bachelor 2: Word, we wide all kinda wollercoasters and fewwis wheels. Bachelor 2: Eat all kinda cotton candy, popcorn and shit.

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Submit Lyrics Handsome Boy Modeling School were Prince Paul (best-known for his work with De la Soul and Stetsasonic) and Dan Nakamura (a.k.a. in 1999 and White People in 2004, collaborating with a mix of diverse artists, ranging from hip-hop heavyweights Del tha Funkee Homosapien and RZA through to The Mars Volta and indie-darling Cat Power.

") Forget about your worries Forget about the bad times Life is nothing but a shadow. ") .without your sunshine[Father Guido Sarducci] Everybody's been wondering where you been and, now that we know what happened We're all wondering where you are And even though we feel bad we won't be seein you around anymore We want you to know we feel better, we won't have to worry anymore [singing] There's a new star, in the night sky Could it be you, making me so high Shine on, shine on, shine on, shine on Shine on and on and on and on and on.[both] If I could see you again. Forget about your sorrows Forget about your heartache Life is nothing but a shadow ("Ooooh-weeee man!

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