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After that, Justin played guitar for others - such as Steven Chapman, Joy Williams, Paul Alan, Rebecca James, & Sammy Ward.

At the very least, it won't slow down as much as fans fear.

Around the year 2004, in the small town of Franklin, Tennessee, one of the most iconic and influential female-fronted rock bands formed.

Even then, she knew her talent was best served as a frontperson, not as a solo artist. Women have always been a minority in the pop-punk world (and in music in general, but there's a very specific misogyny in that subsect of rock), so being in a band is often viewed as more musically "credible" than being a solo artist (which usually makes people think an artist is more "pop" and less "punk.") Williams was also entering a music world in which very few female-fronted bands were being recognized, but tons of pop-rock solo artists were finding radio play. It's hard to think she would've had the same success as a solo artist instead of as the leader of Paramore, even with the band's revolving door of members, each beloved in their own ways. album..though he's truly the only member of the band (former bassist Dallon Weekes tours with Urie, but doesn't identify as a creator in the group).

Another example of a band from the same world making this move of front-personality-as-band in recent history is Panic! The group's upcoming Clearly this isn't the case for all bands in that space that were started by one person with people coming in and out of the lineup as time progresses.

It's a real example of a band having co-frontmen, or being built in a way that allows the music to exist in a co-partnership, after an initial lineup that needed to be re-jiggered. Paramore feels like Hayley Williams, but will always be Paramore. at least, because no one else has done it and survived for this long.

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