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Then if she isn't willing to help save the marriage, then get a divorce then go looking for another relationship (or series of bed partners)?I must have missed the news that getting tested regularly prevents STD's. She laughed and said she gave him a free pass because he was so hot. I saw a few posts on using protection and remembered a few things about my online search responses that made me go . Sure enough, homie wants to assure me that he doesn't have any swimmers left, so there is no risk of me getting pregnant, which implies he wants to have unprotected sex.

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She laughed and said she gave him a free pass because he was so hot. He has no idea what kind of disease he could pick up and like Chocolate said he'll gladly take it home to his wife.

And then she'll divorce him,(p*ssed off, so it'll be ugly) Why can't he make everyone's lives easier by simply telling his wife he's unhappy?

Dont like the niteclub scene so this is perfect for me!!!! : DWe rarely take the opportunity to thank you for creating such a great site.

So this is one of those rare moments I guess where I say, "thanks!

"I hate condoms, but I get tested regularly, so I'm safe." For now! I overheard one gal talking about a guy she met one night, and how he took her home but neither one had protection.

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