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The website says that they are currently working on expanding their desktop browser options, and have a plan to offer a mobile application in the near future so this app can be used when mobile shopping.The Honey App is actually completely free to download and to use at this time, and the website says that they are able to provide this service completely free to their members because they earn a small commission from the stores they partner with at certain times when one of their members makes a purchase.

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Honey online free no credit cards mobile chat

Learn more about Honey Book’s payment processing and fees. That means as a small business owner whose time is valuable, you don’t have to manually hit a ‘Payout’ button over and over again.

Plus, Honey Book’s Bookkeeping tool allows you to easily track all paid, upcoming and outstanding payments and even zoom in to see payments’ estimated deposit date. In an effort to keep all your business information in one place, Honey Book acts as the payment processor for any credit card or ACH (bank transfer) payments you receive.

This Honey Gold can eventually be used toward rewards like Amazon gift cards, and more.

At this time, the Honey App is available on desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Because we act as your payment processor, you can simply sign up for a Honey Book account and start collecting client payments — no switching, connecting, or upstart required. At the moment, payments received through Honey Book incur a 3% processing fee for credit cards OR 1.5% fee for ACH/bank transfers.

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