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For example, people read newspapers, magazines, books, blogs, text messages, billboards, receipts, notes, and so on; look at photographs, paintings, objects, advertisements, and so on; and watch movies, videos, performances, other people, and so on.

People likewise audibly consume information from many sources, such as the radio and TV.

In some examples, the system receives input by a user, and automatically provides content or links to content associated with the input. 12, 2009, entitled DOCUMENT INTERACTION SYSTEM AND METHOD, U. The action performed may be to identify search terms and conduct a query or search based on those terms. begin training and build a cohesive unit.”, the system links to other articles that discuss the challenges host countries faced in previous World Cups.

In some examples, the system receives input via text entry or by capturing text from a rendered document, such as a printed document, an object, an audio stream, and so on. The system then receives information related to or associated with the audio content and outputs it to a user, such as outputting it to a mobile device or separate display device for display to the user. A curator is reading a magazine article about the Whitney Biennial, and is interested to learn more.

Overview The inventors have recognized that it would be useful to search for, retrieve, and/or display information, content, and/or actions to be performed when text or information is provided, generated, created, and/or transmitted for other purposes, such as for purposes of document generation or presentation of information.

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