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Many could get worried that they say the wrong thing and send a message that conveys the wrong idea, and she might not even get that you’re flirting. In addition, you have the dilemmas of choosing a topic that keeps her interested and sending flirtatious texts without them getting misconstrued as sleazy and dirty. This guide can help her see that you are the one for her.Before you read my ten tips, you should check out an excellent book titled “Text That Girl”.Timing and balance, as with all the tips are the keys here.2.

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No girl wants to think that she is getting a message that a boy has sent to heaps of other girls too! If you make this mistake then you can miss any opportunity of going any further with this particular girl goodbye!

Every girl wants to feel that she is the only special one.5.

The author offers several obstacles you might face and the best approach to overcome them.

You can also gain the perspective of the recipient of your messages, and learn many of the common mistakes guys make when messaging girls.

A quick good morning message is a good way to remind her that you are thinking of her.3.

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