How to run msn messenger without updating

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I already have a windows live messenger account, and when I log in it tells me I HAVE to the button, there's a good girl.i do and each time I do, firefox pops an error box saying it cannot connect to the URL - it is an invalid address... i have to say, I had not a single problem with the messenger i already had - and now lost...

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I've set my options to show all contact pictures, doesn't make a difference. I've tried to find a way to contact them,but no luck. Then start up again and it will "rebuild" and not ask to download new version again.

Ever since I upgraded from MSN to Windows Live Hotmail,whenever I read one piece of mail and go to delete it,it freezes on me and I have to re-enter site again. There might be some vulnerabilities in MSN Messenger, but I have not noticed anything yet and I chose to take the chance, as I'm very carefull with what I do.

It is possible, it's just not as "safe" as stated above. You jusk right click, select propties, then Compatibility, than you select Microsoft server 2003...

I downloaded and am now, as I am typing, using MSN Messenger 7.5 You can also download other versions of MSN Messenger from this site the new version of messenger is very stupid it is the professional destruction os msn in new version size of the cam is very small option to see contacts email adfress not existing if any1 is changing his nickname i cant find people totally this is an idiot messenger The reason I have msn is that when I upgraded to internet explorer it was a night mare and then I lost it everything. Trust me it will work : D don't ask Leo, he doesn't know everything : D : D : D sorry for bad language, I am not english : P I cannot upgrade to the new messenger and therefore cannot use my messenger it just downloads so far and starts going backwards and says it has been aborted :( I came here thiking ou would tell me how to fix it well umm see i want to upgrade my messenger b/c like i click on the button so like i can handwrite and it says that you may have to install o upgrade software so like yea i want to know wat i kan do...

It may be easier than you think - you might want to check with your contacts and see if they already have accounts on those other services. You'd install and use it instead of Windows Live Messenger, but you're able to IM with all your Windows Live Messenger contacts.

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