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And he wasn't alone: More than one friend repeatedly asked me if I was sure one sip would "really count." But even in larger settings without Brad where there was free booze and no one keeping score, resisting a 5 p.m.cocktail at an office-wide happy hour wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be (as someone who has ingested almost every free beverage brought into my office.) Instead of a glass of wine, I grabbed a Cheeto and a chocolate, and had just as much fun.We also didn’t have any of the small, dumb fights we used to because we were drunk and cranky from literal depressants.

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The night after a round of tequila shots that left us predictably hungover, we were invited to another party literally a floor below me that would’ve been so easy to stop by.

A month ago, we would’ve gone despite not really being in the mood.

For me and my boyfriend Brad, casual drinking has always been our thing — it's not a necessary activity for us, but rather, it's an accessible one.

Before we started dating, we spent the day after Valentine’s in a bar purely as "friends," our dollar beers helping us believe we were subtle and definitely not flirting.

I think we both became better friends to each other, and to other people, because we felt more natural and surprisingly uninhibited.

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