Im 16 and dating a 19 year old

by  |  08-May-2019 20:50

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The age at which you get to make your own decisions that your parents cannot override is 18.

And in addition to this wonderful information, it is worth noting that Florida has perhaps the strictest laws in the nation regarding underage sexual contact, and FL enforces these laws vigorously.

If they say yes, then likewise the law will not stop them. If the answer is no, and your bf is told to stay away, then he'd better stay away.

Because if he does not, then your father can request a restraining order. And no, in Florida at least, your turning 16 will make no difference.

My dad, on the other hand, has not met him and doesn't want us to date because of our age difference. Could my dad take an legal action against the 19 year old if we just date? There are no laws in any state that dictate who may DATE.

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