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In 1970, Sherman was accredited as a secondary school accepting student from across the nation.

Sherman was initially accredited as a comprehensive high school in 1995 by the Western Association for Schools and Colleges, WASC.

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“People are expected to be straight in front of the society, which means you will not find an out and proud person from the community so easily,” Roop said.

Meeting someone through friends or at a restaurant is often out of the question.

TLCEE's primary goal is to develop relevant courses for delivery to Native community members and UCLA students interested in American Indian Studies.

Collaborating with Native community members and traditional knowledge bearers, TLCEE focuses on enhancing Native governance and cultural resource protection.

His father suggested yoga as a cure for homosexuality while his mother rued, “I gave birth to a son, not a (a south Asian pejorative for transgenders).”Eventually, Roop moved out to keep his family “away from those difficult questions they didn’t want to face before the society,” he told Quartz.

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