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Shift through and pick out the things that connect the speaker with the subject and audience.In media parlance, you are preparing a coming attraction “tease”–not a eulogy. Practice it in front of a mirror or into a tape recorder for timing. Reduce your written introduction to a few key words and phrases.Bad introductions are so common that introducers mistake them for the norm and most people are ignorant of the purpose and organization of introductions.

As Secretary of the…under the…administration, she has promulgated more changes (as measured by pages in the Federal Register) to the regulations relating to…than in the previous 100 years.

We are all familiar with some of the reasons that the…profession is under attack.

Everyone is expected to be proficient but most are not.

Are you comfortable when asked to introduce a speaker?

It is more likely you are nervous and a bit uneasy about what is expected. Why not just let the speaker get up and start speaking?

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